Finding the Goddess within You!


The Universe is always listening. Both ready to align with you, its up to you to be open to receive what your looking for. I have faith in a higher creator, whom I know guides my creative energy and imagination. I felt the need for Women's History Month to focus on pieces that evoke the Divine Feminine Energy within us all. 

Cowries are used all of the world for spiritual purposes. It's important to share Cowries represents a Goddess protection or energy. Which is very powerful and connected with the strength of the ocean. 

It's Jewelry like this that sets my soul in alignment with a higher sense of the abundance within my realm. A reminder that at one time my ancestors used this shells within their clothing, traded beads like money and give the wearer a sense of divine hearing and journey to being awakening to their feminine power.

I hope you find miracles within them. Positivity. Lots of Love and Kick Ass Energy!



Designer of ilaments Jewelry





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