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Are You looking for Love in all the wrong places? Well look no further I'm here to be your Jewelry Guru. The picture above captures a few of our Handmade 14kt Gold and Sterling Silver Designs.
When I first began making Jewelry is was a hobby that lead me to taking Metalsmithing courses in college. Every year I gained more and more experience with each project I was given. My first year, I learned how to make a bead from scratch. Yup, all by myself. I came to find that the word bead means "prayer" and thus the reason why rosaries came to be made with beads. It was a way to count your prayers. I love the whole process of creating a new design. So here a few tips I'd like to share in helping you find your jewelry style or the perfect jewelry piece for someone you love.
1. Look at their personal style. Are they minimal or fashionistas?
    This will give you a better idea of their style of jewelry. If they are minimal or have
    a more classic look then their jewelry style will lean more towards a 
    simplier style, i.e. studs, pearls, minimal charm necklaces
    If they're more of a Fashionista, then that means they are more open to color, 
    fashion trends, statement pieces, etc. Basically if you buy them big hoops your 
    all good.
2. Personalized Jewelry
    You can never go wrong with personalized jewelry. This is where you find someone 
    you love either a piece of jewelry with their initials or nameplate. They could also 
    love their zodiac sign or a favorite color or symbol. Look for styles with these key
                               14kt Gold Fill "LALA" Nameplate Necklace
3. Customize your own design.
    Know your Love Jewelry Language. Yes, there is such a thing. I think or I just made 
    it up, lol. What I'm trying to say is you will know if your loved one prefers trendy 
    jewelry, personalized jewelry or a custom made piece. Something that symbolizes 
    them or the both of you. For ex: i.e. You could design something with their birthstone
    Or select a pair of hoops because you know she loves hoops. Rings are a whole 
    kind of jewelry people collect. 
    I personally love earrings! And anything gold! This is how you find the way to a 
    Jewelry girls heart. Always think of your friend, family or girlfriends individual style
    and you can never go wrong with picking the right piece of jewelry.
Hope this quick blog post was helpful. If you have any questions, leave me a
comment below.
Jewelry Whisperer

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