ilaments x Mexicana Fashions

Mexicana Flatlay by: Silvia Sanchez of Mas Masa

Mexicana Fashions Book by: Aida Hurtado & Norma E. Cantu. 

Ilaments Jewelry was born in the late 90s, when I felt there was a need in the Jewelry Industry for a Designer Jewelry to create designs with a Cultural aesthetic. After traveling & doing trade shows from New York, San Francisco & Las Vegas I could see the lack of brand exposure that existed within the Jewelry industry.

Our Latina Aesthetic has always existed, we as a collective of different women from all Latino Influenced countries voice our style thru our way of dress, how we adorn ourselves is always with a personal flair.

This book focuses on the Political, Self Adornment & Identity Structure! I'm excited that ilaments is featured & mentioned within this beautiful, conscious written piece of literature.

I will be adding more blogs of Culture, Latina Fashion Aesthetic & more. Hope you buy this book!



P.s. This Book is Avail for Purchase on Amazon

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