Rose Quartz Y Que Bracelet

Rose Quartz Y Que Bracelet

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Rose Quartz y Que Bracelet is Our Gemstone! Handmade Rose Quartz, strung onto pink silk cord is known as the Stone of Unconditional Love and infinite peace.

It is seen as one of the most important Heart Chakra Stones teaching us the true essence of love. It is known to purify your heart at all levels and brings to the wearer deep inner healing and self love!

It heals your circulatory system and release impurities from body fluids. When placed on your Thymus, it helps any chest or lung problems. It's said to help with vertigo, kidneys, adrenals and increase fertility. So many benefits to this stone!

  • Made to Order
  • 6mm Rose Quartz
  • Size 6-8"
  • Ships 7-10 Business Days
  • Adjustable
  • Gemstone of Love

Made with 100% Carino!