Gemstone Meditation Healing Guide with Fire Agate

Gemstone Meditation Healing Guide with Fire Agate

Welcome to ilaments Gemstone Healing Guide.

When you want to start meditating with your crystals, the easiest way is to start attuning with its energy.

First step is to pick your crystal or stones you want to mediate with. I don't know about you. But I believe the crystals choose you and vice versa. My crystals speak to me. I listen to what my spirit needs at that moment or that day and then choose my stone I want to meditate with or help me.

Today, I have chosen fire agate. I love the energy of its fire element the way the light glows threw it to create this psychic shield around you. I will talk more on the meaning of Fire Agates and how you can use them.

Next step in your guided crystal meditation is to cleanse your gems. I find the fastest way to cleanse them is by using White Sage. Once you have smudged your stone, then can you attune into its energy.


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Take time to really get into the stones and its energies. Read up on its properties and then focus your meditation on those energies.  The worse thing you can do is pick pyrite which is an excellent energy shield, but it taps into the flow of ideas & you might need overall pyshic protection not a stone that helps you with self confidence and deep despair, Lolita!

It may take you on a whole other journey when all you were looking for was a protective stone that also helps you meditate and mellow out!

I'm just keeping it real on the healing energies. It is no joke and in a few days of working with a stones energy you will begin to see it do its work. 

You will start to see its energy flow & where it goes. So think about its properties so it can manifest more into your life.

I like to have a crystal day, where I make sure I pick my crystal I want to work with and when I am not interrupted preferably in the morning and set it in my hand or directly in front of me.

As you begin to breathe in and out, let your stress go, any negative thoughts go. Let your breathe bring within you inner peace.

Once you are within your meditative state begin to feel your stone. Its color, its weight and shape. Feel its energy and vibration. Set your intentions, or affirmations or prayer. Ask it a question and listen for it to speak to you.

After your meditation, make sure to have a smokey quartz stone or boji stone to help ground your energy back. This is important part of working with crystals to always ground your spirit back out of meditating.

If you don't have a smokey quartz stone, then research some grounding techniques to do. Any easy one is to stomp your feet or jump up and down a few times this grounding technique works great, especially for air signs. I eventually feel like I'm finally back in this realm after a few jumps, lol.

So lets talk about the stone of the day, Fire Agate. It has a deep earth connection. It brings the wearer a calm effect with the feeling of security and safety. Its a great grounding stone and helps you through difficulty times.

It is known for building a strong protective shield around you, especially of ill-wishes. Its like a mirror, so whatever harm is brought towards you, it is reflected back. It fires up your base chakra and stimulates vitality on all levels.

Its a stone that dispels fear and insecurities. It helps resolve problems, bringing the wearer introspection to any issue. Its also helpful to aid in addictions. Helps eliminate cravings and destructive desires.

It can mellow your energy out. Enhances your meditations so that you can experience a spiritual fortress and aids your conscious evolution.

Fire agates purpose is to heal your stomach. Help your nervous system and endocrine systems and circulatory disorders. This stones power lies in aiding your vision. Not only does it sharpen your eyes, but your night vision and intuitive vision. It even works on your triple-burner meridian and can be applied to bringing it back into balance. 

Who doesnt want to reduce hot flashes? Well this stone is for you. As it can remove heat from the body. Fire agate just helps with your overall Vitality. Bringing your body back into balance and helping your energy not to burn out.

Looking for more vitality, energy and overall protection of your Aura? Fire agate is the stone for you! Feel free to message me for a gem consultation $100 for the hour to find the gemstone that is right for you?



Blessings upon Blessings,



Jewelry Whisperer


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